Botox is an alternative medicine method applied to resolve the facial and neck wrinkles and lines. It is preferred as a method of beauty especially by women who are afraid of aesthetic surgery. Botox is applied mostly on the wrinkles between eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles on the neck. Nowadays women use botox method also to lift their eyebrows. Today botox is used on many and different regions. Botox ıs used in treatment of sweating (hiperhidrosiz), nose lift, cheek lift, treatment of neck lines, some neurological diseases, orthopedy etc.

Applied to small bundles of muscles it blocks the muscle-nerve connections and prevents the contraction of the muscle. Botox fulfills this function by blocking the release of acetylcholine from nerve endings. In this way skin on muscle bundles stays wrinkle free, while muscle bundles on which Botox is not applied continue to work normally and maintain their normal facial expression. The most apparent side effects of this treatment is small redness on the area of injecting. Approximately %10 of patients can experience headache. But it is also interesting that some people use Botox against headache. Botox is used in treatment of migraine and headaches. Although seldom, it is possible to cause sagging of eyelid because of inexperience in applying of injection technique. Nobody has died or seriously become ill because of Botox.

We can say that it is made from safe material. Myopathy patients, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use Botox. In the first stage of treatment it is very important the procedure to be done by a doctor specialist. Otherwise, substance injected on wrong place can cause undesirable result. The region of applying on face is also very important.

After being applied, Botox shows its effect in 24-72 hours and its complete effect is visible after 7-14 days. Botox is taken from the body by sweating. It lasts approximately 8 months. A 15 minute – treatment applied on face can maintain its effect during 6 months.

Face Lift

Hair Mesotherapy

This operation is preferred on facial skin sagging, skin overhang formed on the jawbone, relaxed muscles on neck and chin due to fats. Cut generally starts.



Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift

Forehead lift is an operation applied to patients who have wrinkles and sagging formed on their foreheads. The operation causes dramatic improvement



Neck Aesthetics

Neck Aesthetics

Neck Aesthetics is generally made together with face lift from the same cut. If only Neck Aesthetics is required liposuction can give a certain result.