Estetİstanbul Medical Center

With 25 years of experience, we offer treatment services with specialist doctors and assistant staff cadavers for Hair Plantation and Hair loss.

Hair Planting
The operations we have done with the FUE technique are the most modern and effective method of our time.

Hair Loss Treatments
With Mesotherapy, PRP and BT Therapy, your hair gets stronger and revitalized, and the spills end.

All Aesthetic Operations
As Estetİstanbul we provide solutions for all your aesthetic problems.

EstetIstanbul Medical Center

Dr. Hamid Aydin is the leader of EstetIstanbul Medical Center and in the beginning of the health services in our medical center since 1994 in Kusadasi city and until now we still provide our services in Istanbul at EstetIstanbul Medical Center. Our center is interested in hair care and hair transplantation. In addition, the plastic surgeries, dermatology, internal diseases, general surgery, pediatrician, acupuncture and herbal treatments.

25 Years Experience

EstetIstanbul Medical Center has a very famous reputation and receives many cases of hair transplant and plastic surgeries from all aspects the world. Not only in Turkey but also in several countries for example: Netherlands, Italy, Germany,and many of the arabian countries.

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