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Why Estetistanbul?

1- Celebrity status
Turkey is one ofthe most countries to perform hair transplant operations and approximately 200 hair transplant operations are performed in one day and Estetistanbul Medical Center is the candidate of the most perfect centers by patients.
2- Experience for many years
Since Estetistanbul Medical Center receives hair transplant patients from all over the world and because ofthe large number of hair transplant our team has a lot of experience.
3- Latest technic
In Estetistanbul Medical Center hair transplant operations have performed according to (HR System). This technique using (FUE) according to the perfect standard in the world.
4- Maximum number of follicles (GRAFTS)
In Estetistanbul Medical Center we implant the maximum number of follicles only in a per session in theother countries they implant 1500 to 2000 follicle. In Estetistanbul Medical Center we can implant easily 4000 follicles ormore in per session.
5- Short duration of the operation
In Estetistanbul Medical Center the session is short which takes about five hours. But in other countries asession takes 9 to 10 hours.
6- Suitable prices
Compared with the other countries, In Estetistanbul Medical Center the prices areappropriate.
7- Full packet
In other countries, lots of services that are not included in the hair transplant procedure are included in Estetistanbul Medical Center. (blood test, special serum, PRP, special hat, first wash, hotel, transportation, etc.)
8- 24-hour translator availability
Patients in Estetistanbul Medical Center can contact and speak with the translatorin their own languages 24 hours.